Clement Greenberg

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About the book

Clement Greenberg was an influential visual art critic of American Modern Art during the mid-20th century. A formalist in his methodology, Greenberg was passionate about Abstract Expressionism and a vocal critic of Avant-garde and Kitsch art. Who the Hell is Clement Greenberg? takes a closer look at who this American art writer really was, before documenting his rise in the world of art criticism and when and how he developed his ideas. This book will take the reader on an edifying and fascinating, yet entirely accessible journey into the art world and its ever-changing art scene.

Chapter 1: Greenberg's Life Story

Chapter 2: Influences on Greenberg's Thinking

Chapter 3: Avant-garde and Kitsch
This chapter documents Greenberg's art theory on two of the most radical and experimental art styles at that time.

Chapter 4: 'American-type' Painting
Greenberg championed American artists as being amongst the best of that era, promoting in particular Abstract Expressionism. Here we take a look at why he thought this, touching upon his concept of medium specificity and the part it played in Modernist painting.

Chapter 5: Method in Action
This final chapter looks at an artist through Greenberg's lens – answering all the questions that art invites, we see Greenberg's method in action.

About the author

Sarah Phillips is an A Level teacher at Godalming Sixth Form College. She wrote the 2017 A Level History of Art specification for Pearson and is their ‘Ask the Expert’ advisor. A graduate of the Courtauld Institute, she is passionate about the validity and relevance of the creative subjects – particularly Art History – today. She is a Council Member for NSEAD, Fellow of the Association for Art History and regular campaigner for improved funding and access for all students in schools. Sarah lives in Surrey, England.