Erwin Panofsky

About the book

Who the Hell is Erwin Panofsky? not only looks at Panofsky the person but also a defining moment in art history, where one man brought together several existing approaches to evaluating art and added powerful new ones of his own. This book aims to bring the man and his times to life, while also deciphering his often complicated ideas and present them in such a way that they are easy to understand.

About the author

Alice Bowden is a writer and editor based in Suffolk, UK. Having worked in book publishing for 20 years, Alice went on to study an MA in Art History at the Open University. She then set up her own publishing company Bowden & Brazil Ltd, writing the first book in this series Who the hell is...? As well as running the day to day business of the company, Alice commissions and edits the other books in the series.