Jean Piaget

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About the book

Who the Hell is Jean Piaget? follows the life and works of this fascinating Swiss psychologist. Known for his work on child development and education, his ideas continue to be used by educators and psychotherapists today. Beginning with examining who Piaget was as a person, and how events and people in his life impacted upon his thinking, this book goes on to examine his most important concepts and their ramifications.

Chapter 1: Piaget's Life Story

Chapter 2: Influences on Piaget's Thinking

Chapter 3: Constructivism and the Organization of Knowledge
This chapter looks first at Piaget's theory of constructivism – which argues that people acquire knowledge and construct meaning through their experiences. It then explores his thinking on the organization of knowledge, and how our present knowledge has evolved over time.

Chapter 4: Stages of Cognitive Development
This chapter considers each of the four stages of the developmental process, and focuses on Piaget's theory on the nature and development of human intelligence,

Chapter 5: The Moral Judgement of the Child
Here we explore Piaget's exploration of children's ideas about rules and punishment, and his demonstration of how moral judgement changes as we get older. It represents a deep dive into his thinking on moral realism and moral relativism, in an easy-to-read way.

About the author

Jessica Koehler, PhD, is the author of 'Beyond School Walls' at Psychology Today, where she focuses on bringing the science of psychology to learning and life. Dr Koehler currently teaches online classes in psychology and is the co-principal investigator of a research project focused on the social, emotional, and behavioural characteristics of gifted learners. She lives in California, USA, with her husband, two homeschooled sons, and two dogs.