Melanie Klein

About the book

Who the Hell is Melanie Klein? looks at one of the most controversial, powerful and influential figures within the heart of psychoanalysis. The first two chapters explore Klein the woman and intellectual, taking the reader through her life story and the ideas that influenced her thinking – many of which she was to dramatically overturn, driving a wedge into the heart of analytic thinking. Her three most important concepts – Splitting, Projective Identification and the Depressive Position – are explored in a highly accessible way, to enable a full understanding of their meaning and implications. A final chapter on her famous case study of a child reveals her ideas in action.

About the author

Lucy Etherington is a published writer and journalist with a BA in English and Drama from Goldsmith's University, and a BSc in Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling. She lives in Suffolk with her family and continues to research and write alongside running a private clinical practice as a psychotherapist.